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      Danny  ~   18 "x 24" Oil on Canvas.  Courtesy of Kerstyn Ghere  


Var  ~  4' x 4' Oil on Canvas   Courtesy of  Maura Weis 


Ulysses ~  4' x 5'  Oil on Canvas    Courtesy of Maura Weis

Ulysses  ~  Courtesy of Maura Weis


Airedales  ~  Courtesy Harry and Pam Twells ~ acrylic on canvas


Conor ~ Courtesy of Dr Katie Young  ~  oil on canvas


Corrado ~  Courtesy of Dawn Metzger ~ Graphite on Bristol


Harlequin Great Danes ~ Courtesy of Elmer and Inke Robinson


Harlequin Great Danes ~ Courtesy of Elmer and Inke Robinson


La Luz ~ Courtesy of Deb Juhnke ~ oil on canvas


Nemo ~ Courtesy of Karin Penrod ~ graphite on Bristol


Perkee Rhoyal Gem  ~  Courtesy of Kathy Mueller ~ Watercolor on Strathmore cold press


Rachel ~ watercolor on Strathmore Hot Press


Rhoyal Contucci ~ Courtesy of Katie Werner ~ acrylic on canvas


Stella  ~  Courtesy of Doug and Nora Kane ~ oil on canvas




Coming Soon...

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